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Timothy Drake. Timothy Wayne when it's convenient. Just call me Tim; I don't do well with nicknames so don't feel the need to give me one. Born and raised in Gotham and taking a vacation. Batman and tech geek. Semi-retired troll. I don't speak much so I'll shut up now. Have anything to ask? Just ask; maybe I'll have an answer. I'm in love.

19, July 1996-Right now. Openly homosexual.
CC Resort Guest|You can't have him.
Ravenclaw||Spirit Animal||...The Drake's.

Your home girl Lily - OOC.

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ooc: There are some! alkhdfal. My old Tori’s Zig used them all the time. Oop. Totally her fault too. xD I’m not sure where they’re from, but they exist. Oh, and I’m pretty-l1ttle-wallflower. :)

ooc; There are?  Omg; I’m gonna go digging now cause this gonna be good.  I hate myself for being evil only when I’m about to leave.  Like why? D;  Okay; I’ll follow you right now.  My blog name or whatever is somewhat disturbing; just to tell you.

ooc: I’m just going to go and start saving every crying Smearle gif from this week as they show up. Excellent timing. xD

ooc; If only there were crying Ricardo gifs; cause this is gonna kill Tim.  Like literally destroy the dude.  But he’s gonna poker face his way through it.

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tootie—fruity replied to your post: [Locked]:
ooc: Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Just have him do it where I can sob. Ouchhh. -broken heart- ;___;

ooc; Lol no, that’d be too easy.  Tim’s gonna come up with a solution that he thinks is the right thing to do but it’s probably like ten times worse. :D


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Pretty important shiz.  So please read? :D

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Hey...happy one month, babe. <3 We made it. haha. :) I love you. <3

You’re so sweet.  Happy one month to you too. We did make it.  How awesome are we?  Primarily you though. :)


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Young Justice | Robin

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